Seven things you can do today to live longer
1. Stop smoking now. Cigarette smoking is known to contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, vascular disease, emphysema, lung cancer and premature skin aging. If you are smoker, this is the most single important thing you can do to affect your health in the future. There are prescription and over the counter medications available to assist in quitting. Do it today.
2. Take a vacation. Chronic stress is bad for your health. Stress decreases your immunity, impedes your brain function and causes long term changes in your body that lead to premature aging. Long term stress can also cause hormone and vitamin deficiencies, sleep disturbances and depression. You will work better and smarter after you have rested and restored your body. Also remember that exercise is the best medicine for stress and can help you decrease the harmful effects of stress.
3. Avoid manufactured foods. Man made and modified substances such as hydrogenated oils (trans fats), aspartame (NutraSweet) or other artificial sweeteners and refined sugars can all contribute to poor health, less energy and weight gain.
4. Take a fish oil supplement. There is good medical evidence to support that fish oil supplementation in dosages of at least 4 grams a day can help lower cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, protect against heart disease and help prevent type 2 diabetes. I recommend a pharmaceutical grade fish oil that is mercury free. The oil is available in capsule form and is usually well tolerated.
5. Get enough sleep. Sleep is when your body heals itself and when your mind integrates long term memories. You need at least 8 hours of good quality sleep each night to restore your body. Sleep deficits are cumulative and contribute to chronic stress, memory loss, accidents and poor job performance.
6. Take Vitamin D3 supplements. Vitamin D3 is necessary for your body to absorb calcium for strong bones, has also been shown to decrease your risk of cancer, respiratory infections, heart disease and high blood pressure and diabetes. Your physician can check your vitamin D3 level at your next yearly physical.
7. Get a physical. You take your car in for scheduled maintenance, why not yourself? If you only had your car serviced when something went wrong how long will it last? And you can’t trade your body for a new model. See a doctor familiar with functional and regenerative (“anti-aging”) medicine to maximize the information available to you to maintain your health.


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