The Truth about hormones for Menopause

For the past 12 years American Women have lived in fear of treating their menopausal symptoms with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). They have been held hostage by a poor designed study that demonstrated giving women horse derived estrogens (conjugated equine estrogens or Premarin) along with a Progestin called MPA (methoxyprogesterone acetate) caused health risks. These risks included risk of stroke, heart disease, and of course breast cancer. The results of this study have continually been sensationalized by the media in the US as well as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) and other medical societies.  Women have been advised falsely that all HRT is bad for them, will give them breast cancer and should be avoided except in cases of severe hot flashes and night sweats. These women have been treated with antidepressants or platitudes. Neither is effective.

The truth is that HRT given with Prempro (CEE’s and MPA) IS bad for you. But there is more compelling evidence every day that demonstrates the positive effects of HRT with Estradiol and Progesterone.  What is the difference? Estradiol and progesterone are so called bio-identical hormones. What that means is simple. The body recognizes any molecule by shape. The structure determines the function. So, when we use a molecule with the exact shape as the hormone our body would make, it allows the body to recognize, utilize and metabolize that hormone in the correct way. A woman’s body is unable to recognize horse estrogens because they are not natural to humans. Nor are progestins such as MPA. A recently published Danish study on 1000 women using estradiol and progesterone for 16 years showed no increased risk for breast cancer or stroke.  This study showed that women who used this form of HRT from early menopause had a significantly decreased risk of mortality, MI and heart failure.

So what about heart disease in women? 8 million women in the US are currently living with heart disease. 435,000 American women have heart attacks each year and 42% of them will die within 1 year, compared to only 24% of men. Heart attacks kill 267,000 women yearly. That is SIX TIMES as many women as breast cancer. So if our primary concern for giving women HRT is risk of breast cancer, just use the right hormones at the right time and fight the real problem: heart disease.

So why don’t doctors in the US know these facts? I don’t know. I found this entire information sitting in front of my computer for an hour on reputable web sites for physicians. The truth is that hot flashes, night sweats, poor memory, anxiety, depression, vaginal dryness, pain with sex, lack of libido, osteoporosis, skin aging, increased risk of heart disease, increased risk of heart failure and weight gain are all the result of “natural menopause”.

If that future doesn’t sound like the one you want for yourself please find a doctor who specializes in bio-identical hormones. You can find more information on my website at or contact me via email at docpecox or call for an appointment at Oculus Skincare, Laser and Longevity Centre- 404-843-3636. In the words of one of my patients: “You don’t need to get your hair done, buy new shoes or new make-up or get your nails done, but you better get your hormones”.  I agree.

-Dr. Cox


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