The End of an Era: Renaissance Medical Center closes- A letter to Dr Paunesky’s patients


The passing of Dr. Daniela Paunesky in the fall of 2012 left a large shadow in the Atlanta Anti-Aging Medicine community. Dr. Paunesky in her practice at Renaissance Medical Center was a true pioneer in the field of Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine. For over 10 years she was the leading physician in a growing area of medicine dedicated to helping others discover and create their most beautiful lives.
This week Renaissance Medical Center closed its doors forever. It was truly the end of an era. However, if you are a present or former patient of Renaissance Medical Center you have a really important question to ask yourself: Who is the doctor in which to entrust your health? The reality is that there is an “Anti-aging clinic” on nearly every street corner now.  I am sure you can find a clinic willing to just “call in a refill” without ensuring your labs and prescriptions remain optimal and effective for you.  Or, you may be directed to a clinic that is not in a convenient location.
Here’s the truth, you deserve better. You deserve someone with the same training and passion for people. You deserve a board certified Anti-Aging Physician. I would be honored to meet with you and discuss how I can assist you in continuing your healthy journey with hormones, supplements and prevention. I know I can provide personalized medicine in terms you will understand. I want you continue to benefit from the science that will provide you a  spectacular second half of your life. I think Dr. Paunesky would approve.
Despite the fact that we attended many of the same meetings and trainings at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s Fellowship program for physicians, I never got to meet Dr. Paunesky. But, thanks to her former patients who see me now I feel I have come to know her. Like me, she was someone who really enjoyed paying attention to the whole person and not just a part. She knew what was going on in their lives and how that could influence their medical history and treatments. She understood the importance of balanced hormone systems in looking and feeling our best. She knew the importance of using bioidentical hormones. She knew that the prevention of disease was much more gratifying and effective than trying to undo the damage done by advanced medical issues. She also knew the importance of healthy living, nutrition and supplements. And most importantly she understood that teaching healthy living enabled her patients to be more successful. She took the knowledge she and I gained in the A4M fellowship and passionately put it into practice in a very personal and lovely way. And people noticed. No less than one of the premiere advocates of Anti-Aging Medicine Suzanne Somers featured Dr. Paunesky in her books as one of her experts.
If you are a former or current patient of Renaissance Medical Center who is looking for a new physician and practice, I invite you to give me a call and schedule an appointment. In honor of Dr. Paunesky and her legacy I am giving all patients of Renaissance Medical Center a 25% discount on all initial consultations scheduled in the next 6 months. During this visit we can discuss your current treatment needs and how we can build a personalized program to keep you moving forward in health and happiness. Yes, it will be a different place and a different doctor, but the philosophy will remain the same. Please give me a call to schedule at 404-843-3636 or go to the website at to get more information about me and my practice.

– Dr Cox


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