How much is your doctor visit worth?


Have you ever stopped to think how much your doctor visits are worth to you? Many people  see their doctor as someone to call for antibiotics for a sinus infection or to see for 30 minutes once a year for a “physical”.  People would rather avoid the office due to long wait times in waiting areas often crowded with the truly sick and 6 month old magazines.  When it’s finally your turn you pay your co pay for a rushed 15 minutes and then the visit is over before all of your questions are even thought of, much less answered.  It really doesn’t sound like much of a value does it?

In my former life I was the doctor behind the door. The economic realities of my life dictated that I had to see 3-4 patients an hour to keep those doors open.  I would constantly be amazed that people would confirm their appointments and then not show up.  So, I would sometimes double book to be sure that I had someone coming in the door so I could be “efficient”. Of course, this common practice resulted in patients who waited even longer and got even less of my time.

Then my dear friend Melanie who also cuts my hair looked me in the eye one day and said: “you know that you are only worth $30.00, right?” I honestly had no idea what she meant.  So my ever practical straight shooting friend broke it down for me. From a patient perspective insurance is a before tax expense most of the time and is often subsidized by their employer.  But, the actual money the patient sees is what comes out of the wallet or pocketbook. And that is the co pay.  And for most of us that is $25 to $40. And when you pay that money you get to sit with sick strangers for a long time and then get 15 minutes or so with a doctor who is often hurried, distracted by a computer or both.  On the other hand, when you go to have your hair done you get someone’s undivided attention for sometimes over an hour. And when you leave that appointment you look better and feel better.  Where do I sign up?

Melanie rarely has no show appointments and has a thriving business of happy clients. I had to ask myself what value I was bringing to my patients. The answer was not very much in 15 distracted minutes.  So I had to make a decision to change the way I practiced medicine.  I could not expect to get different results with the same system no matter how hard I tried. Now, I see about the same number of patients in a day that I used to see in half a day. They don’t have to wait a long time in a room full of sick strangers and our appointments are focused on what they need that day to make their lives better. I love what I do and now truly feel that I am serving my patients. More importantly, they see the value in the services I provide. I can’t think of anything better.


If you are tired of hurried healthcare let me show you how you can have the care you deserve today. Schedule your consultation to discuss your options for a healthy and beautiful life.  You can reach my office at 404-256-1500.

Dr Cox


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