You’re NOT crazy and you are not “just getting old”

I have to confess that one of the hardest questions for a physician is when a man or woman in their late 40’s or early 50’s looks at you and says:  “I swear I am going crazy. Things that used to not bother me really irritate me now.  I don’t seem to have the patience I used to have and I don’t really enjoy things like I used to.  I am not sleeping well either.  I just don’t feel like me anymore, what’s wrong with me? “


In medical school and residency I was taught that these people were “stressed”, “depressed” or just “getting old”. I was taught to listen sympathetically and then offer them an antidepressant or just reassure them that this happened to everyone. That kind of treatment didn’t make sense to me or my patients.  Thankfully, I became educated about the importance of our hormones in every aspect of our lives.

Every tissue in our body is built to function optimally with certain hormones including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and DHEA.  Unfortunately, as we age these hormones often become poorly regulated and in the case of women at the end of their reproductive life  these hormone levels will fall quickly and without warning.  The result is people who are tired, irritated, have no interest in anything, no sex drive, no energy, a lost sense of well being, weight gain and often memory loss with clouded thinking.

Here’s the interesting thing: when these people have their hormones optimized, these symptoms will get much better and often disappear. Without the use of medications! Simply by maintaining the natural hormones that occur in our bodies we are allowing all of our tissues to function at their best.  If you are experiencing these problems please call me today. There IS something you can do to feel better that does not involve drugs or just trying to ignore your symptoms.  Our office line is 404-256-1500. Start your journey to your most beautiful life today!

Dr Cox



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